Workshops & Training

  • Client Themeforest
  • Date 24-12-2014

Our “LEAP” Workshop and Training Program is the perfect synthesis of our services. It provides managers and business leaders with the mindset, the strategic approach and the tools to make their organizations “innovation-driven” and “change-enthusiast” in order to achieve tangible business results.

The program consists of 4 complementary modules,which can be also activated independently from one another:

  • LEAD
  • ACT

Each module is made up of interactive classes where short lectures alternate with hands-on activities, role plays and business games. People interact in team applying their experiences and skills to real business cases.

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Target: CEO, BU Directors, Chief Innovation Officer, Strategic-Marketing Manager


  • Understand how the company is competing with other players, as perceived in the eyes of customers
  • Learn how to sistematically look for innovation opportunities through the “Job To Be Done” approach
  • Build a new market positioning to make competition irrelevant
  • Build and strenghten the organization identity
  • Define clear strategic objectives for the entire organization
  • Align strategy and action

Targets: Chief Innovation Officer, Marketing Director, Product/Service Design teams


  • Assume a “Job To Be Done-oriented” mindset
  • Understand which functional and emotional forces drive customers’ purchase decisions
  • Learn how to collect significant customer data and turn them into actionable insights
  • Learn how to create useful Persona Profiles and Job Stories that facilitate the creative process
  • Learn how to generate and test ideas in team
  • Develop innovation projects in team using a structural method

Targets: Chief Innovation Officer, Chief Strategy Officer, Marketing Manager, Product/Service Design teams


  • Create a distinctive positioning for the innovative solution that has to be implemented
  • Build a Business Model
  • Create a unique Value Proposition
  • Define resources, processes and partners required to implement the solution
  • Design how customers will interact with the brand at every touchpoint
  • Build a Customer Engagement Plan
  • Create a Purpose Brand

Targets: BU Directors, Chief Innovation Officers, Chief Strategy Officers, Marketing Directors


  • Understand the differences between Sustaining Innovation, Low End Disruption and New-Market Disruption and predict when they will happen
  • Discover what causes your customers to buy your products and why
  • Align your resources, processes, and profit formula to develop an
    innovative company culture
  • Learn how to balance the deliberate and emergent strategy processes to unlock innovation within your organization