Innovation design

  • Client Themeforest
  • Date 24-12-2014

To us Innovation is something that goes beyond lightbulbs. It is a rigorous process, made up of a sequence of steps that originate from people observation.

By harnessing the power of Design Thinking and Human-Centred Design, we help you:

  • Formulate a Design Challenge that guides your design process
  • Plan and execute a field research to analyse people behaviour and collect valuable insights
  • Understand which forces generate and which reduce the demand for your product
  • Discover what your customers and NON-customers value and the reasons for not buying your products/services
  • Understand where along the customer-journey your products/services don’t meet customers’ expectations (pain points), and why
  • Capitalize on collected insights and generate ideas in team 
  • Select the ideas that should be implemented according to available resources and strategic priorities
  • Visualise how the product/service innovation will look like thanks to Rapid Prototyping
  • Test the prototype and quickly iterate it
  • Build a business model for the Concept to implement