Business strategy

  • Client Themeforest
  • Date 24-12-2014

Disruption is generally an opportunity before long it’s a threat. The secret is to spot it before competitors.

Whether you’re planning to enter a new market or you’re satisfied with your current market share and positioning, you should always pay attentiont to market trends if you want to stay competitive and avoid to be “distrupted” by new comers.

Here comes our support! We help you spot disruption in your industry early by studying customers who stopped using your product or service and those who have never engaged with it. This allows us to discover not-served and under-served market segments which may bring new profitable business streams.

Using the Blue Ocean Strategy framework we can help you build strategies, either to enter new markets with a “disruptive approach”, or to provide a better user-experience.

To achieve these objectives, we stimulate your team to:

  • Assume a human-centred perspective
  • Expand its view to NON-customers
  • Give up the traditional “Competitive Strategy” approach and the differentiation vs. low-cost trade off
  • Focus to create “uncontested market space”
  • See the world and make things differently compared to how it has always done