Business coaching

  • Client Themeforest
  • Date 24-12-2014

People buy into the leader before they buy into the Vision“. This quote from John Maxwell stresses how important is for successful organizations to be run by people whose leadership is ¬†acknowledged by theirs stakeholders. Only these leaders can create a real shared-Vision and become change-agents in theri contexts.

Our Coaching Programs support business managers grow their leadership behaviour effectiveness (e.g. self-discipline, persistence, assertiveness, execution), by aligning it to the expectations of their stakeholders.

After an assessment phase which involves selected stakeholders, managers can analyse their “AS-IS” Leadership style and¬†discover their main areas for improvement. Therefore they can plan a growth strategy with the help of our coaches, who will drive them along the implementation of the “TO-BE” action plan.

If you’re interested in assessing your leadership skills and in growing in areas such as:

  • achieving personal mastery
  • developing and empowering people
  • creating a shared vision
  • anticipating opportunities
  • driving change

please contact us, we’ll be happy to make you a better leader!