12 Apr


“To lead is to serve. To help others is to win”. (Robin Sharma).

Italian managers and entrepreuners are gaining awareness of the real meaning of the word leadershipbeing of service – and are committed to becoming better leaders and to inspiring the world with their talent.

Our latest 3-days Lead Without a TitleWorkshop hosted by the fabulous Palazzo della Fonte in Fiuggi (Italy) supports the view.


Participants went through a deep leadership self-assessment in order to find out their major areas for improvements. Once again we have been surprised by people’s will to put themselves on the line and share their stories with generosity and self-criticism about common uneffective habits that often prevent stakeholders from buying into their leadership and into their vision.

The capability of creating a strong and shared vision is infact among the most important skills a leader of our times must have.  However, managers and CEOs too often forget the importance of sharing company values and vision with their people and, even worse, they sometimes adopt behaviours that are unconsistent with the values they profess. You should always remember that if you want to have more engaged, more powerful and more performing teammates and employees,you must show the behaviour you  wish to see in them.

It follows that before becoming a better leader, you should first become a better person. How? By achieving self awareness – Who are you? What habits keep you at your mental and physical best in life? What do you care about? What things make you happy at work? – and self-mastery, which is the result of grit + winning mindset +continous learning + focus+ small daily improvements through practice.  The thesis is validated by Gladwell’s  “10,000-Hour Rule“, the key to reach world class achievement in a field is a matter of practice – for a total of around 10,000 hours-  and of environmental factors that allow people to learn and work hard. Therefore he suggests to“fall in love with practice,  in order to reach a point where it no longer feels like work”.

Once you’ve achieved self-mastery, you are ready to lead others by example, starting from unleashing people’s best potential.

Another important focus has been put on language as a powerful mean to create strong company cultures and produce extraordinary results. We too often forget about the impact  our words have on beliefs and on performance: “speak the language of possibility” is the key advice leaders should take into consideration if they want to build winning mindsets by replacing limiting beliefs with enhancing ones.

We believe we all have a call to make the world better and that our life can rise to magical, if we begin to make better choices thanks to better awareness.

Enjoy our video and stay tuned to discover our next Lead Without a Title events in Italy! They will provide you with inspiration,motivation, approach and tools to leave the culture of average and commit to extraordinary!

“It doesn’t matter where you start, only that you begin!” (Robin Sharma)