27 Nov


Inspiration, Purpose, Change, People, Awareness, Passion, Authenticity, Focus: those who joined the first Lead Without a Title™ “Leaders Growing Leaders” Workshop in Italy last September, have chosen these keywords to summarize the meaning of the course to them.

In the enchanting Rome, a group of people coming from disparate countries, such as Poland, Malta, USA, Brazil and Italy, have taken the challenge of sharing their experience, their thoughts, their opinions and have committed to embracing change, in order to lead the field in their industries and lives.




That’s what the mission of a real Leader Without a Title is all about: leaving people better than they found them. That’s why we feel we have a responsibility to keep on spreading Robin Sharma’s message across Italy.

We’re proudly announcing our next date in Italy: from March 31 to April 2, 2016 in the beautiful Grand Hotel Palazzo della Fonte at Fiuggi (FR).

In a world of such addiction to distraction, now you have the opportunity to reflect about your mindset and your behaviour.

  • Are you and your team fully expressing your talent and capabilities?
  • Are you using the right powerful language to drive your team toward world-class results?
  • Do you take responsibility for the consequences of your actions or are you behaving like a victim at work and in life?
  • Are you giving your customers more than they expect at every touch point with your brand or is your company working at average?
  • Do you see problems as just problems or as opportunities to get better?
  • Are you growing more leaders?


With better awareness, you can make better choices and achieve better results.

So just start growing, inspired by change!

  • Start building a victim-free organization by making people focused on solutions instead of problems.
  • Get inspired by real life examples of Leaders without a Title and of elite performers, and “step into those people’s skin”.
  • See your work as a craft and master what you do, but remember that being “busy” does not necessarily mean “being productive”.
  • Know how to “wow”: drive your know-how toward customer’s wow.
  • Look for opportunities in each failure.
  • Find your sources of inspiration and inspire others.
  • Lead by example: model the behaviours you most want to see in your team.

Investing in your professional and personal development is the smartest investment you can make.

If you are looking for a game-changing experience that will completely transform the way you and your organization dream, think, perform and engage with the customer, spend these 3 days with us!


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