22 May


Blue is part of our brand name, and blue is the colour of our logo.
Blue is how we would like to see the sky every morning, but it’s also the colour of our strategic approach.

To us, Blue stands for disruptive innovation, “thinking out of the box”, changing perspective.

Infact, as ambassador of Blue Ocean Strategy, our goal is to help companies in the search for Blue Ocean opportunities. These are uncontested market spaces, where you don’t need to beat competition anymore, and you save yourself from “bloody” war-on-the-price typical of Red Oceans.How? Building the key to your success: Value Innovation.

Value Innovation is the output of a strategy that is based on the simultaneous pursuit of differentiation and low cost, something that reverses traditional marketing and strategic conventions.

To generate Value Innovations, companies can benefit from a set of tools and frameworks, which help them analysing the current state of play in an industry, enlarging the view to find new market opportunities, and setting up, in an interative manner, a business strategy to convert non-customers into customers.

An increasing number of successful companies around the world is applying Blue Ocean Strategy. Think of Apple, Cirque du Soleil, Salesforce and many other brands in each kind of industry.

Sometimes you will recognise them by the colour of their logos, but we suggest you to go further and reflect on the disruptive power of their strategies.

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