22 May


There is a military acronym increasingly used to define the world we are living in: V.U.C.A – Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity. These four words hold the main reasons for organizations and their leaders to “stay innovative”.

Volatility refers to the incredible rate of business change, governed by technology. This means that a product you launch today, may already become obsolete in one year . This also implies that leaders should balance a clear Vision – explaning where a company is headed – and real-time decision making, in order to respond to people’s increasing demand for real time experience.

Not only the environment is changing fast, but also without predictability. It follows that it becomes crucial for companies to develop an attitude to detect early signals of future trends, in order to prepare accordingly.

Complexity is the term that best describes the variety of data and forces that a business must handle everyday, which generate chaos and confusion. A structured method for problem solving and the right management and exploitation of data, may help companies bring clarity.

A good leader stays flexible with regard to solutions, focuses on processes and relations, and thinks divergently. He knows that in an ambigous world, roles are not strictly defined, and success depends on how well we can co-create value with others.

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