22 May


One of the cornerstones of Blue Ocean Strategy is the inclusion of non-customers into your strategy, in order to create a significant demand for your innovation.

Non-customers are those people who either buy your product occasionally, or prefer your competitors or don’t even buy the kind of product you treat.
The goal is to find commonalities in what customers and non-customers value, and then discover new clusters of people, grouped according to new criteria, to pull in the Blue Ocean.

For example if you are a retailer, you must ask yourself: “Who are those people that never come to my store? Who comes only during sales? Which people prefer products of my competitors and why?”, “What kind of needs do they have that I’m not satisfying?”
You may find out that apparently-different groups of people have the same problem with the shopping experience you are offering. You may discover that your unhappy clients could be easily turned into happy clients by adding to their journeys something that also attracts a new cathegory of people.

Think of people who have very little free time and of those who prefer to shop on line; think of people that don’t drive or of those who need great support and assistance for their purchases… What do they have in common?

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